Ultimate Detox water recipes That Can Help To Lose Weight Fast...

By HealthyLifeToday
Post On March 29, 2020

There are so many people who want to lose weight. Even fit people want to have a flat tummy.

And specifically, it's about detox water for flat belly or for losing weight. So what exactly is detox water and how will it help you achieve your dream body?


Simply detox water is water which is mixed with a herb, vegetable or fruit.

Detox means to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and giving essential nutrients and vitamins for amazing growth and good health and it helps remove toxins from the body and boosts the immune system.

Detoxification is all about cleansing and rejuvenation.

There are tons of detox water references you can find online but I have listed some of the best and tasty detox water below and special detox water which will help you lose weight faster than the others.

But remember that all these detox water proves as an addition to help you lose weight. Your overall diet and exercise are very important.


I have summed up the 3 best water detox recipes which will help you start right away. I chose only 3 because I don't want you to get confused and start your process of losing weight as soon as possible.

The same procedure goes for all recipes-

  • Slice the fruits or vegetables thinly.
  • Combine them in a pitcher of water.
  • Add in herbs for extra flavor.
  • Mix and infuse overnight. Enjoy!
  • Additional tip: you can serve it hot, cold, or at room temperature.


Cucumber Lemon water

Yes, the powerful duo.

It is said that Cucumber and Lemon were already a thing even before the detox water craze started.

You’ll find it in almost any detox water for a flat belly recipe list.

Cucumber contains water and soluble fiber, keeping you hydrated all the time.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C and improves skin quality, on top of its other health benefits.

Both these fruits are low in calorie that is why it is a great addition to your weight loss and flat tummy mission.


½ lemon

½ cucumber

mint leaves (optional)

 I recommend adding mint for this herb is good for digestion.


Lemon and Mint water 

Sounds delicious, right?

It certainly is.

The ingredients are found in any supermarket and it's go-to detox water.

The lime ads the zesty flavor and the mint makes the drink more refreshing and it's helpful for easy digestion.


1sliced lemons

Some washed mint leaves

Strawberry Basil Water

What a refreshing combination!

I feel like it’s already summer every time I see this drink.

It’s awesome to think that you can conveniently make detox water for flat belly with one of the most delicious fruits ever.

Strawberries appeal to many because of its flavorful, sweet and sour taste and undeniably nice smell.

In addition, strawberries are packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.
In case you missed it, fiber is a great weight loss partner for it makes you feel full which in turn leads to lesser calorie consumption.


8 whole strawberries (fresh or frozen)

6-8 fresh basil leaves



There is so many detox water out there and you have a lot of choices.

You just have to pick what fits your palate and what is available in your kitchen or at your favorite supermarket.

More importantly, you have to remember to do simple workouts and eat the right food to achieve your fitness goals. Healthy drinks, a balanced diet, and exercise can work harmoniously to bring you near your target weight and physique.

Detox water also makes you feel good inside and out so you should definitely start making them at home.

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Thank you 

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