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What is a Biorhythm?
Biorhythm is what is commonly referred to as "intuitions" or "gut feelings". They come in three primary forms: Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

With the insights of your Biorhythm, you can to look into your future and see first hand which days may be good and which days may be bad.
Rhythms Found In Nature
Rhythms can be found in the regular ebb and flow of the ocean tides, as well as in the alternating cycles of darkness and light that occur every 24 hours.

​The internal world of a human being is influenced by the beat of nature. Chronobiologists (biologists who study how the body measures time) have identified four body rhythms in human beings that are critical to our success and failures.
Spotting "Critical Days"
In every single rhythm, a critical day will occur on day 1 of a new cycle and when the rhythm goes from plus to minus.

These are days you'll experience the greatest instability with the cycle being neither up or down.

Since biorhythm studies show that most accidents occur and illnesses begin on these days, more care should be taken.
The History of Biorhythm
A professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, Dr. Swoboda wanted to study the possibility of calculating rhythmical fluctuations of human feelings and actions.

He first noted the recurrence of pain, as well as a rhythm in heart attacks, illnesses, and fevers.

Through his in-depth studies he has concluded by knowing and following your biorhythm chart, you can now understand and control your life.
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